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  • Photo Voice 2014 Flyer

    Here is a invitation I did for the first Photo Voice session I’m facilitating in Waltham. I’m currently running 2 PV groups one in Framingham on Mondays  and 1 in Waltham on Thursdays. My groups are very large Framingham is 12 and Waltham is 16. We are already getting some great work out if the young adults.


  • Lots of new stuff goin on!!!!!

    Hey Guys Sorry I been away so long. My babies are growin like crazy and I’m tryin to keep up??!!!

    I got a lot of new stuff to tell.

    First here’s some new artwork. In the studio we were working on en caustics. We’ll my version of en caustics. No wax just modeling paste and acrylic. Use the paste to sculpt your image then let it dry. I then coat it in gel medium if there are any cracks then paint.

    Here it is


    thrush-paintingAnd this one is for Von Franco who’s awesome documentary, I Was a Teenage Monster T-Shirt Painter, really inspired me to try more car painting and automotive logos and themes.



    So in keeping wih this theme I tried a totally traditional auto portrait. Auto…. well van. I painted this with Liquitex heavy body acrylics and airbrush




    Colorado-delivery-vanin-process03 Colorado-delivery-vanin-process04


    I mentioned airbrush there. We’ve been doing a lot of airbrush in the Green House Graphics studio over the last 6 months. My assistant Scott McAlarney and I are trying to get better at it for instruction and as part of our sustainability plan for the program. Our goal is to fully fund the program through outside illustration and graphic design assignments and airbrush commissions and events.

    I’ve been looking at some car lettering for these few signs for my kids.

    Molly-airbrush-sign Macklin-airbrush-sign Sean-airbrush-sign

    The last new thing I’d like to show you is a beginning of a custom studio table I’m doing for our airbrush tattoo events.

    Wacky Table Skull

    WackyTableSkullIf you are interested in finding out more about Green House Graphics check out our website or our facebook page

  • Bedford WFM Artist Position



    Here’s a few more color pieces I’ve done. I am a fine art painter but I’ve been working on learning 3D modeling in Autodesk Maya so alot of the new stuff is 3D. I’ll stick a turntable on here just so you can check it out.

    Thanx for lookin!!! Please call if you have any question,

    D Sebastian



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  • The Ark Project

    I think this is the one!!!

    A little different.

    Here’s a color copy

    sorry about that here we go:

    Is this any closer?

    Here’s a new ark sketch. I’m workin on animals now. Did you want the whole building?

    Hey guys here’s my first color sketch of the idea.

    What do you think.