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2011Practicum project at CDIA

Hey Folks,

Sorry it’s been a bit.

I have been doing a practicum project with the graduating class at CDIA.  It was awesome!!!!  We got a client who wanted the whole building on Moody st modeled in 3D for the school’s website.

I got to model and texture. Mostly texture, or texture map! I had a great time and the folks were great. The team was 4 Alumni from my class and 2 current students. One of the students, Carolyn Lo took the rains as production manager and did a heck of a job running the show. Derek Cuneo from my class was the key component to getting us involved. Thanx Derek!! He was also the head modeler. Matt Thompson and Joe Marani were the other 2 alums and Becca Frazel was the other student. I had a great time and did some interesting work.

Check it out.