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The Ark Project

I think this is the one!!!

A little different.

Here’s a color copy

sorry about that here we go:

Is this any closer?

Here’s a new ark sketch. I’m workin on animals now. Did you want the whole building?

Hey guys here’s my first color sketch of the idea.

What do you think.

4 Responses to The Ark Project

  1. Avatar Alix Kilgore DVM
    Alix Kilgore DVM says:

    Hi Dave, It is not exactly what I had in mind. I sort of wanted a sketch of the building with animals peering/busting out excitedly from the doors, roof, windows etc. Can we try again? Thank you so much I really do appreciate your talent!! Alix

  2. Avatar Alix Kilgore DVM
    Alix Kilgore DVM says:

    ps. The animals could include a snake winding around, birds, cats, rabbits, dogs a ferret or two. As if the building was the old woman who lived in the shoe with so many animals???

  3. Avatar alexandra Kilgore
    alexandra Kilgore says:

    I Llove the new drawing! I think you should do kid books!

  4. Avatar alexandra kilgore
    alexandra kilgore says:

    Dave I love it!!! You are a genius!