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MudBox 2: 3D Bulldog model

Hi Today I’m in Autodesk’s Mudbox makin dogs.  I created this model in Maya as geometry. Took it into Headus and laid out the UVs. Export it out as a Object file into Mudbox to sculpt. This one was pretty challenging. I’m hesitant to push my machine and lose work so I’m chronically in the lower division levels. Makin details loose. This one I pushed it a little to 60,000 polys, low for high frequency. But this is looser, just an illustration. First here’s the model leaving Mudbox in a video turn table:

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Here’s the super low poly model. 434 faces!!!

63,000 Polys….

Then is the WIP from Photoshop:

What do ya think? Comments are welcome. Thanx for reading.

2 Responses to MudBox 2: 3D Bulldog model

  1. Great job. My dad says the teeth are too pointy.They make the dog look evil.
    Ithink it looks super.